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Dream Pilots Oy – Increasing value and sustainability

The world is changing. We are facing many problems concerning both our planet and its people. Climate change and lack of water, food, energy and resources and the issues with humanity are a few of the many concerns. The power of people, increased ethical values, globalization, digitalization, and traceability are some trends affecting consumer behavior. We cannot wait for politicians to solve these issues. These challenges are interlinked and will affect the success of all businesses. In order to be successful in the future, companies have to bring these challenges into their core business strategy.

Dream Pilots Oy is a service company that helps businesses and organizations create sustainable value. In addition to the company’s economic value, benefits are also provided to the environment and people, thus providing shared value.

We help you to find new perspectives on how to increase sustainable business. We can help to develop:

• Business opportunities and innovations: Future proof innovations
• Corporate Responsibility: Lean and integrated CR
• Leadership and corporate culture – renewing the way of work: Eco leadership
• Improved Stakeholder experiences: Excellent experiences and customer value


The Company’s founder, Eija Kiviranta, has more than 20 years experience in successful operational leadership and in digitalisation.

Ten years of living outside Finland (Uk, Malaysia, France and Sweden) and serving clients in over 20 countries on all continents have brought Eija a truly global perspective.

Profitable growth, innovation, and building motivated teams in different cultures have always been Eija’s top priority.

Eija’s latest role as director for innovations and corporate responsibility demonstrated in practice how to create a sustainable and innovative corporate culture with concrete actions to support business.

Eija’s strength is to inspire, involve and engage the members of the project to achieve all objectives.

”Dream Pilots Oy was born from my own dream to be involved in purposeful work and creating a better world. Dreams and concrete pilots and experiments will aid organisations in creating sustainable growth. ”- Eija Kiviranta, founder of the company.

Some more details on our services:

Business opportunities and innovations

We will discover and analyse the operational environment and bring the needs of our society and stakeholders into corporate strategy.

Corporate Responsibility

We help companies to develop their own responsibility strategy and programs. Lean CR helps companies to find effectiveness from sustainability. This creates value both financially and from other perspectives such as reputation, brand, customer loyalty, employee motivation and improved recruitment.

Leadership and corporate culture

We help to expand leadership and corporate culture from ‘ego’-thinking towards eco-leadership where we care about our ecosystems, environment and communities.
Some key leadership issues are improving employees self management skills, co-creation abilities and defining the purpose of work. We also provide mentoring, ’rented’ leaders and project and change management.

Pilots at your service

We support your business with a long experience in sustainable business success combined with digitalisation background. We use inspiring and effective methods.

Openness, trust and genuine caring are reflected in all we do. We believe in insights, inspiration, conscious presence and the benefits of working together. Strengths and positivity utilization are the keys to development.

We compile our network of appropriate experts on our journey. Our network has hundreds of different skilled professionals, which enables us to handle also large projects. Contact us to discuss how we could pilot our co-operation!